Hollow Cucumber Pickles

While you are washing cucumbers, if any float on top of the water, that means that they are hollow inside. These are best eaten fresh, or chopped up for processing into a relish.

Some Tips for Pickling Peppers

Salt: Salt is used to take the moisture from your peppers. Moisture will dilute your vinegar mixture and cause the peppers to toughen. Table salt is not the best choice here.

Use cooking salt instead. Table salt contains more iodine and will make your peppers turn dark or discolored.

You ferment for me: pickling makes the most of seasonal produce

Travel taught eco-chef Tom Hunt not only to eat mindfully, but also how to get the best flavours and nutrients out of seasonal produce. Here, he shows fermentation not only preserves foo but reveals hidden flavours

Faceted Small Gifting Glass Jam Jars

Six classic jars for jams and preserves. Pretty vintage style, perfect for gifting. Wide openings for easy filling. Airtight and watertight once sealed. Dishwasher safe jars

Technology of Steel Pickling in Reducing Melt

During forming and heat treatment of highly alloyed steels, an oxidic layer generates in the surface created by iron oxide and other alloying element oxides.This layer must be removed off the steel surface using a chemical process.A considerable part of the metal oxides contained in the layer of the scale is poorly soluble or insoluble in acids. For pickling of those steels, pickling technology in melts is therefore used with advantage.