Pinot noir wine glasses

About the Riedel Vinum Burgundy Pinot Noir Glass

For medium bodied red wines with high acidity and moderate to low tannins such as wines from the region of Barbaresco, Barolo, Beaujolais, Burgundy (red) or wines made from grape varieties like Gamay, Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir.

How to Choose a Wine Glass

Choosing a wine glass depends on the amount of experience that one has when it comes to wine. Unless the person wishes to become a wine connoisseur, he or she only really needs two kinds of wine glasses: white and red. People who want to be ready for all the types of wines that may come their way should get a wine glass with a wide, open bowl for red wine and dessert wine and a narrow bell-like bowl for white wine and sparkling wine.

For those who have issues with constantly tipping over wine glasses, consider going for stemless wine glasses, especially when drinking reds.

Riedel Vinum Pinot Noir Wine Glass Set

$50Regular$28Final Sale$22MemberCrafted in Bavaria, Germany, by Riedel, a family-owned company that has been making glassware for more than 2years, the Vinum series is the first stemware designed to enhance the experience of specific varietals. The bowl shape and rim style of each glass are precisely calibrated to infuse the wine with the optimal amount of oxygen, to deliver its bouquet to the nose and channel its flavor to the perfect spot on the tongue.

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Product Overview

Taking elegance and strength to the next level. Fusion perfects the latest trend in upscale dining, taking the best qualities of the Fusion Classic line and enhancing them with a sleeker shape, a wider bowl, and a taller stem. Brilliant European crystal is fused with super-strong magnesium to form a break-resistant, lightweight, graceful wine glass.

Reserve Burgundy/Pinot Noir Wine Glasses Set of Four (07-225)

Burgundy/Pinot Noir Wine Glass set crafted of fine non-lea mouth-blown crystal. The Reserve line is the finest line of non-lea mouth-blown crystal that Sterling offers.This stemware collection is sure to impress.