Pizza oven clay

A No-Straw Clay Pizza Oven

October 2 2014 by Jonathon Engels filed under Building, How to The inaugural use of the clay oven

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Materials and Preparation

Homeowners need to plan out the desired size and location before commencing the clay pizza oven. Keep in mind that the oven will get hot when in use; build the oven far enough away from the house to prevent unnecessary smoke or fire damage. Consider building between a few trees to create a windbreak, but ensure the trees are far enough away.

Next. gather the necessary tools and supplies needed to build the clay oven. Some materials include clay, fire bricks or rocks, and sand. Homeowners will also need a shovel, tarp, glass bottles, newspaper, and a knife.

Energy Efficient Sustainable

Energy Efficient Sustainable

Due to its high thermal mass, clay brick stays warm in winter, and cool in summer, reducing your carbon footprint energy costs.

The magnificent pizza oven build.

Glorious sunshine, beautiful families and lots of clay to play with appears to be just the right formula for the most wonderful of days at The Whirligig.