Plastic food pots

1Flat Freezeasy Food Freezer Bags x

Extra strong, plastic storage bags. Hold approx. 500g of fruit or veg. Perfect for portions of pud. Heat-sealed along base to stop splitting. Size 3: 18cm x 23cm


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Why only plastic bottles

Somerset Waste Partnership collections only accept plastic bottles for recycling, but not film or food pots, tubs or trays. Only put plastic bottles out for kerbside collections; remove and discard tops, flip caps or spray triggers, and rinse.

Why can you not take black plastics?

The plastics are predominantly sorted with lasers that can identify the different types of plastic. The lasers cannot “see” the black plastic and it ends up in the reject pile at the end of the process and is not recycled.

Food Tasting Pots Spoons

As well as product promotion in the drinks industry, Regalzone manufacture and supply a number of food tasting disposables for field marketing eventsacross the UK.

Combo Box – Economy Sauce Dipping Containers

This sauce container and lid product is supplied in combo; 10pots 10lids included per case – Just perfect for sauces, chutneys, pickles and general food sampling. The Snap-close lid makes the containers leak proof. The CupsDirect food containers are light-weight and stackable, these sauce pots also store great in Fridges Freezers.