How many platters are in a hard drive?

The number of platters in a hard drive depend on the physical size of the hard drive, its capacity, how many sectors, and its manufacturer. Therefore there is no set number of platters in a computer hard drive. However, all modern hard drives have two or more platters in a hard drive and if the drive is an SS it has no platters.

Street Art on a Platter

ByWorks of art, from the sublime to the ridiculous, are calling out for eyeballs and footfalls at the carnival of culture better known as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. At one of the largest showcases of creativity in the worl a popular venue is a 45-seater The Raj Restaurant whose pieces de resistance can be tasted in a way stand-up and theatre — the dominant genres at the festival — cannot be chewed on.

We cater to all diets!

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HERE WeGo for iPhone

HERE, the company that was sold off by Nokia to a consortium of automotive companies Audi, BMW, and Daimler last year, has just released Version of their HERE Maps iPhone app on the App Store. The app has now been renamed to HERE WeGo instea and the release notes say: