Polystyrene boxes with lids

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Rannge of buffet platters, great for presenting foo with a dark glossy black finish the high contrast makes food look great. More options within product page

Polystyrene Cups And Lids

Polystyrene cupslike these are an incredibly popular item throughout the UK for a wide variety of purposes. Naturally they make a cost effective and simplehot beverage cupfor cafés, coffee shops and mobile catering facilities. They also make a popular option over paper cups as they have a wide variety of uses in the food industry.

For example; they are commonly seen in chip shops, used to provide pots of gravy, curry and mushy peas on a regular basis, thanks to the secure and well insulated nature of Styrofoam and the design of these foam cups.

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Uses of polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene plastics

Choosing containers made of the right material is crucial in ensuring durability and quality. There are many elements that make the products Thornton manufactures and supplies quality containers. Plastics are used in constructing wholesale vials, plastic cosmetic jars and containers alike, therefore, understanding the various types of plastic is essential before you buy a plastic container.

Green sacks – mixed dry recycling

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