Powerful extractor fan bathroom

Mechanical Extract Ventilation – MEV

MEV refers to extract units which simply expel stale air (continuously). Operating at low flow rates of between 50m3/hr and 65m/hr MEV units keep air flowing through a room or building, acting rather like a small window. This is known as Trickle. Some MEV units can switch to a more powerful setting – up to 80m3/hr for example, at times of specific demand.

This is known as Boost.

Bathroom Extractor Fans

Bathroom Extractor Fans are essential for dealing with the wet environment in the bathroom. You need to take extra care to ensure there’s no build-up of mould or other nasty things. Our range of bathroom extractor fans will do all the work for you, making sure that all that excess moisture is sucked from the room for good. There’s a huge range available, depending on your needs and tastes, from motion detector fans to extra condensation control.

We stock all the main brands, Xpelair, Manrose, Vent-axiaand Greenwood.

How to select a domestic bathroom extractor fan

First you need to measure the size of your bathroom. To use our fan selection tool (located in the search area to the right of every page) this measurement needs to be in metres.

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Manrose XF100AH 4100mm Auto Shutter Extractor Bathroom Wall Fan Humidity Timer Used

Richmon London Excellent Bathroom Extractor. Used but in very good conditionAsking £Pick up from RichmondDesigned for wall, ceiling or window mounting, the Automatic extractor fan range is available in ten options, all incorporating thermo-activated in