Pressure coffee maker

Design Questions about the AeroPress

Why did you remove the four ridges on the outside of the plunger?We removed the ridges because they were scratching the inside of the chamber and had no function. We initially put the ridges on the plunger because we thought they would provide needed additional strength. That was not the case and to our surprise they were a source of scratching of the inside of the chamber.

Some consumers think that the purpose of the ridges was to center the plunger and steady it as it was pressed down into the chamber, but that was not the case. The ridges were not big enough to center the plunger in the chamber and such centering was not needed anyway.

How to choose a coffee machine

Rather than head to a coffee shop each day to get your caffeine fix, invest in a coffee machine so you can enjoy your daily cup of java whenever you like!

Pick 3: Keurig K55 

A delicious coffee with the simple one-touch operation and no hassles is what we expect from single serve machines, right? Well, Keurig Kdoes that flawlessly. The “Keurig Trust” is backed up with delicious coffee and smooth operation.

Here is the why you should get a Keurig K55.

Electrical Engineering

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What does water under pressure message mean?

Warning says water under pressureperform needle maintenance. We took it apart as the book directed and rinsed out.Warning still comes up.