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About Plastic Glassware

Plastic glasses are made from a variety of different plastics. The cost of item is based on the quantity of plastic use the quality of the plastic and the length of the annealing process used to set the plastic rigid.

Suppliers of high quality, unbreakable, reusable polycarbonate plastic glasses

Virtually Glass are specialist suppliers of polycarbonate glasses. We only supply the highest quality polycarbonate glasses from leading manufacturers and we take much pride in offering our superb range at great prices.

Plastic Glasses by Alternative Glass

Thanks for visiting Alternative Glass. Here you will find a huge selection of plastic glasses available for any occasion. Not only do we specialise in supplying bars, clubs and large outdoor events, but we also supply to the public for small events and gifts.

Plastic Glassware from Glassjacks

Polycarbonate Glasses Polycarbonate glasses are clear, durable and safe.These glasseshave superior strength over other plastic materials and are therefore virtually unbreakable. With the elegant appearance of glassand thepracticality of plastic, they are a high quality alternative for outdoor or large events and are also a safe and secure optionto use incommercial establishments.When tested in glass washers with a standard solution in excess of 5cycles the glasses showedno noticeable visual detraction. Champagne flutes, Wine,Martini, Beer, Tumbler, Shot and Hot Drink glasses are available in this Elite range.

We also have a selection of polycarbonate jugs.

Plastic Pint Glasses: How to Choose

The Cheapest

For many, price is the most important factor. The ‘flexible’ types (made from thermoformed polypropylene) are the cheapest.