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Lakeland Classic 16cm Lidded Saucepan

This lidded litre saucepan may be small at only 16cm but it’s just right for all sorts of basic kitchen tasks and you’re bound to find you use it again and again – for all sorts of tasks. The draining holes in the lid mean you can easily drain water from pasta, veg or boiled eggs whilst keeping the lid on and the dual pouring lips are ideal for both left and right handed people.

Caring for your Cookware

Quality cookware has the potential to last for years, however they will only stand the test of time if you treat them with care. Here are our top tips on getting the most from your pots and pans:

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Best Stainless Steel Cleaner For Pots And Pans

it features two layers of premium stainless steel that encase a thick aluminum core and the three bonded layers extend all the way up the sides for

Lakeland Edelstahl Sautierpfanne mit Deckel – cm

Wir präsentieren: Töpfe und Pfannen, die wir alle in unserer Küche wollen und brauchen – solides, verlässliches Kochgeschirr von hervorragender Qualität zu sehr erschwinglichen Preisen, nur hier und exklusiv bei Lakeland.