Range hood filters

UL 9Vs UL 1046: Don’t assume accredited by the UL as flame-resistant refers to UL 1046

Clause . – Fire and flame resistant standards within UL 900: Standard for Air Filters outlines classifications for air filters, when subjected to a flame exposure test “when clean”.

The Function of the Hood Filter

To understand what the filter does, it is important to first understand the function of your range hood. Your range hood pulls smoke, steam and odors through the filter and vent to help clear the air. The filter collects grease and food particles to prevent them from accumulating in the vent itself, which allows the vent to effectively pull the air through it.

This appliance protects your surrounding walls from yellowing due to grease and smoke and the negative effects of moisture from steam.

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Range Hood Microwave Oven Filters

We manufacture a complete line of OEM replacement filters for range hoods and microwave ovens. Our filters capture grease particulate and cooking odors from the kitchen airstream. We offer access to the most comprehensive OEM filter cross-referencing database in the industry.

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