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Sound mixer at work. A production sound mixer, location sound recordist, location sound engineer or simply sound mixer is the member of a film crew or television crew responsible for recording all sound recording on set during the filmmaking or television production using professional audio equipment, for later inclusion in the finished product, or for reference to be used by the sound designer, sound effects editors, or foley artists. This requires choice and deployment of microphones, choice of recording media, and mixing of audio signals in real time.

Stanton Pro Mixer – ideal pro record players. channel

Linlithgow, West Lothian Stanton Mixer Pro – two channel mixer Phono, line, Cdwith trim, bass, mid trebble on each channelLine Master – RCA connectionsMic headhpones – Jack connections

Line and Summing Mixers

Line mixers as the name implies deal with line-level signals. They’re almost always ana design and quite simple, usually only providing a single volume control per channel. Used in live settings they can be connected to multiple players used to provide between-set music while freeing up channels on your main mixer.

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MPSE Golden reel Best ADR Tomorrow Never DiesBafta Nominated – Sound Team – LongitudeCAS Winning – Achievement in Sound Mixing – Shackleton

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