Recycle microwave

Electrical items too large for the kerbside?

You can recycle other small electrical gadgets at our electrical recycling banks in Bournemouth, as long as they measure no bigger than 60cm x 45cm x 20cm in size.

Visiting household recycling centres this weekend

This weekend all our household recycling centres will be open from 9am to 6:15pm. They are likely to be very busy so the following advice may help:

Recycling batteries and electronics

This service is not available to residents living inflatsthat put their rubbishin communal bins. You can recycle your household batteries at Mercury House and Town Hall receptions, and at some Havering libraries. Alternatively, you can take your household batteries to Gerpins Lane Reuse and Recycling Centre in Upminster or to a local supermarket.

How to recycle or dispose of common waste items

A range of items can be recycled or disposed of at our recycling centres including glass, paper and cardboar plastic bottles, textiles, metals, electricals, engine oil, car batteries, cooking oil and green waste.

Making our community a better place to liveEvery day!

Recycling and Garbage Collection in Eugene, Springfiel Creswell, Veneta, Lowell and the surrounding area—waste less and let us safely dispose of the rest!