Rigid kitchen units

Which Kitchen Unit Materials and Styles are Most Rigid?

What a lot of people don’t always realise is that the materials and styles of kitchen cabinets don’t really affect how strong or sturdy the unit is.

Rigid Kitchens or Flat-pack kitchen Furniture?

When looking to purchase a new kitchen the easiest, quickest and cheapest option might seem a flat-pack kitchen for home assembly. But if this is such a good choice, then why do so many people opt for rigid kitchens, pre-made in factories, rather than flat-pack kitchens?

A Magnet kitchen is beautiful through and through

At Magnet we believe that kitchens should make a great first impression and an even better second impression. That’s why our designs are packed with details running all the way through, from smooth close doors and drawers as standar to hidden storage space where you least expect it.

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Complete Kitchens

At Trade Save Kitchens we have used our experience and expertise within the kitchen industry and as a kitchen manufacturer to bring only the very best complete kitchens for our customers.

Cabinet Fixtures and Fittings

We only use premium quality proprietary fixtures and fittings. This ensures that our cabinets are not only of the highest possible build quality but also of the highest possible specification as well.