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The Online Shop specialises in vintage and antique porcelain and china that was made in Worcester on the Severn Street factory site.The range extends from 17to the end of production and there are always special and original gifts amongst our pages.Although pre owned great care is taken in the selection and photography of items to show their true condition which in the great majority of instances is perfect.

Antique Royal Worcester Cup and Saucer Gilded Victorian Vintage 19th Century Coffee Tea Duo

Gloucester Roa Bristol Beautiful antique Victorian Royal Worcester Cup and Saucer.The cup measures 6cm high and 6cm across the top.The saucer measures 1cm across.Both pieces are in good condition with no cracks or chips.There is some gilding loss from each

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Since 18the Worcester factory produced porcelain under the name Worcester Royal Porcelain, which is now commonly known as Royal Worcester. Before 18the porcelain factory had several owners and different names; we have compiled a very brief history of the porcelain factory dating back to the first period 17when the secrets to soft paste porcelain were first discovered by Dr. Wall.

This is the reason you still the number in the centre of the back stamp.

Royal Worcester at the double

Royal Worcester porcelain is one of those collecting areas which is plentiful enough in its many different ornamental styles to support a wide collecting base. There are buyers for all the different forms, from George Owen’s scarce reticulated vases to Doris Lindner’s equestrian models.

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Until recently Worcester Porcelain was produced just a few hundred yards from Bygones and we have maintained a long standing interest in and support of the Royal Worcester Factory and Museum.