Royal yacht britania

The new Royal Yacht Britannia – a £100m begging bowl?

Boris Johnson is campaigning to build a new ‘soft power’ ship that he thinks will get trade deals rolling in, presumably from countries impressed by our big shiny boat


Royal Yacht Britannia Breaks

Easily one of the Scottish capital’s most popular attractions, the Royal Yacht Britannia offers a fascinating insight into the life and times of the Royal tours around the world. A visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia makes for a great day out for visitors of all ages.

The Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh

Rated “UK’s No.Attraction” on TripAdvisor and “Scotland’s Best Visitor Attraction” by VisitScotlan the Royal Yacht Britannia is one of Edinburgh’s most famous attractions!

Royal Nore to Leave Thames for Royal Yacht Britannia Trust Collection

A vessel that has been at the centre of royal events on the Thames for over years, the Royal Nore, is to join The Royal Yacht Britannia in The Port of Leith, Edinburgh, after she was gifted by the Port of London Authority (PLA) to the Royal Yacht Britannia Trust.


Meridian updates June 20at5:00pm

Crew share memories of the Royal Yacht Britannia

Her Majesty the Queen travelled around the world on the Royal Yacht Britannia for decades, until the vessel was decommissioned in 1997. Every year former crew members return to the yacht, now a visitor attraction, to remember their time on board. Many were based in Portsmouth.

Here is our three part series.