S 8 notice

Gaining possession of a privately rented property let on an assured shorthold tenancy

English Fro Department for Communities and Local Government Part of: Tenancies and leases Published: November 20Last updated: February 201 see all updates Applies to: England Guidance for landlords who wish to gain possession of their property.

Landlords beware! New section notice

As High Court Enforcement Officers and with the speed of execution, we are enforcing more and more writs of possession against tenants transferred from the county court.

Completing a Section Notice

By painsmith9th January 2017Over the Christmas period we received a few calls about how to complete a Section and notice and how to gain possession once the notice has expired. Consequently, we will write blog posts on:

Certificate of Service for Use in Section Possession Proceedings


PROP.SP.05DownloadPreview This Form N2- Certificate of Service of Section Notice should be completed by the person who has served a Section Notice on a tenant. The certificate of service can then be submitted to the court if the landlord subsequently applies to court for a possession order.

How to (legally) evict your tenant

There are main procedural routes by which landlords of an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) can regain possession of their property under the Housing Act 19(HA 1988). These are: