PLAYMGiant Sandtimers

Product Code: Green (minute), Pink (minutes), Yellow (minutes) Blue (minutes) Great fun, great value. The PLAYMGiant Plastic SandTimers are instructive and colour co-ordinated. Perfectfor use as part of bigger sports sets for easy child friendlytiming in different activities. Also used in conjunction withthings like the naughty chair and cleaning your teeth.Available in Green, Pink, Yellow or Blue.Each colour has a different duration.Strong, sturdy design with colour co-ordinated lids andsand.30cm high x 47cm circumference.EAN (minute) – 5053052001155EAN (minutes) – 5053052001162EAN (minutes) – 5053052001179EAN (minutes) – 5053052001186

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Sand timers Sabliers

Our hourglasses are produced in our home with loving work by our team. You can choose many attractive stands of native timber and sand colors.

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Antique Sandtimers Designed By Experts

On a busy day, plan your schedule using a sandtimer. Where to get one? Collectiblesbuy is a store offering a large collection of antique sandtimers.

Besides adding elegance to your desk, it helps you work efficiently when you have different tasks to work on.

Hourglass Problem, solution.

For a perfect breakfast, a fellow decides to boil an egg exactly minutes. He has two hourglasses – one for minutes, another for 11. How should he go about preparing his breakfast? How many times will he have to turn hourglasses?

What would be the minimal required number of glass turns?