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So, what happened to the old page then, and why is it still in/Bing/etc?

We use a variety of data sources to bring you our comprehensive UK business directory,and these are frequently updated to bring you the best possible information.Some businesses are removed because they no longer exist, and many more of them undergo substantial changessuch as a change of name or address.

London kiddie nosh spots

The Pint Shop

Country pub nirvana

The Little Black Book

Our A-Z of the grooviest local businesses to help make your life easier

Where to Find the Best Coffee Shops Outside London

When it comes to coffee the artisanal trend has spread from Australia to London and now you can get a beautiful coffee in the countryside too

Advertising, Networking Promotion

Cheltenham specific information seemed to get lost or blended into our other sites so we have put together this website to feature all things Cheltenham. We get many requests and press releases relating to the town and now they have a dedicated home.

Accessories for Coffee Pods

Unfortunately, buying coffee pods can be confusing because some are made to work only with certain models of brewing systems. Luckily, there are many products available that make it possible to use coffee pods or K cups with incompatible systems.