Screen printing on glass

Superior adhesion of the paint

The glass is printed with ceramic paint by means of the screen-printing technology. The paint is fired on the glass at +/- 6C, in which a superior adhesion is made between the ceramic paint and the glass. This way of working makes sure that the color cannot be removed from the glass, even with a solvent.

There are also no discolorations due to exposure to sunlight. By burning in the paint at high temperature, the glass also gets the mechanical and thermal properties of single safety glass.

Screen-Printing Machine

The BENTELER screen-printing solution is designed for a 24/operation. The machine promises a high availability and high output due to a high degree of automation. The machine can be used as stand-alone equipment or can be integrated into processing lines.

With the BENTELER screen-printing solution highest quality, productivity and precision can be achieved.

Unlimited Visual Options

With silkscreen-printed glass, patterns can be created using very small holes, dots, stripes, or solid shapes and can be used as a striking, cost-effective alternative to tinted or coated glass for reduced light transmission and privacy. We can also print images on our glass products ranging from simple monochrome text to vibrant full-color logos and much more.

Screen printing on glass

pharmaglasscreen printing on glassWe are able to meet all of your expectations – staring from prints on laboratory glass containers to the application of a bar code and special scales on test tubes. All under one roof, including effective execution of the prepress stage. Our flexible glass manufacturing allows to fulfil orders of even a small number of tubes with screen printing on glass.

Glass Screen Printing

Flat glass printing for either automotive or gaming machine applications requires a stencil system that is reliable and in the case of gaming machines is also capable of reproducing the fine line halftone images that are used.