Siemens oven microwave combination

Fascinating options. With Siemens microwaves.

Siemens microwaves enrich your kitchen so food preparation becomes a real pleasure. Thanks to the numerous functions offered by Siemens microwaves. These go far beyond just defrosting.

With Siemens microwaves you can quickly conjure up your favourite dishes without going to a lot of bother, because Siemens microwaves have innovative features that do the work for you. You select what you need with the intuitive controls, and the microwave does the rest.

Watts and Power Levels

The CM633GBS1B has a power rating of 1000W, which means it will complete an action quicker than other models with a lower power rating. This Siemens built in microwave has power levels, giving you the choice and flexibility to cook a range of dishes.

Siemens HB86P572B combi microwave multifunction oven, pyrolytic self cleaning, excellent condition

This is the top of range Siemens microwave combination oven, RRP over £110 in excellent condition

Leatherhead £398 Collection only

This is the top of range Siemens microwave combination oven, RRP over £110 in excellent condition

This model is top of the range, retail price £110 bargain at £398

Microwaves Combi-Ovens Buying Guide

Microwaves are super convenient, energy efficient, and they make meal times faster (and more fun). But it’s not just about the humble countertop models anymore –combi-ovens are hitting the market: giving people the option to opt for a kitchen microwave that offers them much more than just a simple microwave for heating up food. These appliances can include a convection oven, an electric grill, a steam oven, and a microwave all in one!

Choose the best oven for your needs and tastes

When considering a new oven, your personal circumstances should prove your starting point and largely influence your decision-making. Firstly, the size of your family/household is really important.