Siemens tumble dryer review

Perfect for functional clothing.

Optimally equipped for mountain touring, triathlons or sailing. The outdoor/waterproofing programme protects high-quality functional clothing during washing.

“Siemens condenser dryer review”

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WT45N200GB 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

WT45N200GBA German appliance manufacturer that produces in Germany – the Siemens WT45N200GB iQ3is a high performance range of appliances bringing intelligent features such as Senor Drying and garment care.

MPU (Desktop Tablet)

Many of these programmes offer up to five levels of dryness, too: normal+, normal, slightly dry, hand iron and hand iron+. As there are no hard and fast parameters on what constitutes precisely how much moisture should be left for theof ‘slightly dry’, getting to grips with these levels of dryness will be trial and error until you familiarise yourself with the machine.

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