Siemens tumble dryer

Never clean a condenser again. The automatic self-cleaning system.

Simply unique: Thanks to the innovative sensor-controlled automatic self-cleaning system, there is no more time-consuming cleaning of the condenser. During each drying cycle, the condenser is cleaned with condensation water produced by the laundry automatically, thoroughly and even several times. This function ensures a lint-free condenser and thus constantly low energy consumption for the life of your dryer.

Siemens condenser dryer

Sheffiel South Yorkshire Siemens 7kg condenser dryer in very good clean condition fully working also comes with monyhs guarantee. Free local delivery installation please call for info 07703828495

WT45N200GB 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

WT45N200GBA German appliance manufacturer that produces in Germany – the Siemens WT45N200GB iQ3is a high performance range of appliances bringing intelligent features such as Senor Drying and garment care.

Efficiency and standards

Capacity and cost are both considerations when purchasing a washing machine. All else being equal, a machine of higher capacity will cost more to buy, but will be more convenient if large amounts of laundry must be cleaned. Fewer runs of a machine of larger capacity may have lower running costs and better energy and water efficiency than frequent use of a smaller machine, particularly for large families.

Running a large machine with small loads is wasteful.