Silicon oven mitts

Lakeland Silicone Double Oven Glove

With the same flexibility and incredible 250°C heat-resistance as our Silicone Oven Glove but for those of you who prefer to take the two-handed approach!

Why are silicone oven gloves different from other types of gloves?

There is no doubt that silicone oven gloves are much better than the conventional cloth oven mitts. The FDA recommends them, and so do we. Several factors make them stand out:

Wholesale Silicone Oven Mitt

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Best Oven Gloves are one of the most essential and needed kitchen tools. These are not solely for ovens, but can also be used for other high-temperature activities in the kitchen like grilling and even fireplace preparations. You can use these gloves in handling newly-cooked meals, bringing pans out of the oven, flipping meat on the grill and much more. The applications and uses are limitless but the important thing to remember is, these oven gloves will provide protection and safety for the people using them.

So if you do not have any oven gloves yet or maybe you already want to replace your old ones, below is the Top Best Oven Gloves your guidance.

Pros and Cons of Cloth Oven Gloves

These are designed to limit heat transfer from the hot pot to your hand. As long as you have a firm grip and do not delay for too long, the old oven mitt does the job. However, most cooks concur that there are times when the baking tray is too hot for this type of oven glove and they prove ineffective in some situations.