Laboratory and Research Facilities

Our in-house polymer research and development laboratories are cutting edge. Our silicone experts are always exploring ways to improve the intrinsic properties of the compounds we manufacture to be the leaders in our industry. We develop, manufacture and supply bespoke silicone solutions tailored to the needs of our customers such as our low smoke, low toxicity grade, developed after the Kings Cross rail disaster. 

Choosing the right material

Extreme heat resistance Extreme cold resistance Flame resistance Mechanical strength Silicone EPDM

Why choosing the right material is important

Failure in application is most commonly due to human error, whether that be at the design stage or installation stage. Depending on your application, choosing the right material will ultimately outline the success or failure of that application.

Oriented Wires in Silicone

Solid and sponge silicone populated with vertically oriented monel or aluminium wires up to 140/sq cm. Provides excellent shielding with EMP survivability and will also provide an environmental seal. Available as sheet stock, strip or die cut to customer design and can be easily fabricated for large picture frame gaskets.

Also available with self adhesive backing and compression stops or collars can be fitted to prevent over compression.

Design Guidelines: Liquid Silicone Rubber

Our basic guidelines for liquid silicone rubber moulding include important design considerations to help improve part mouldability, enhance cosmetic appearance, and reduce overall production time.

Superior absorption* combined with a secure fit

To build on the great qualities of the previous Biatain Silicone through listening and responding, we have redesigned the product to deliver a silicone solution for our customers. The new design of Biatain Silicone combines our superior absorption with a secure fit.