Sink food grinder

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Best Garbage Disposal Reviews of 2017

Having a garbage disposal installed in your home offers a number of advantages, and this website has been designed with the goal of helping you find the best garbage disposal for your lifestyle, budget, and family’s needs.

Shopping Guide for Best Garbage Disposals

Putting your waste down the sink rather than in your bin is convenient and good for the environment – but which garbage disposers handle all you can throw at them and come back for more?

How long does it take to fit an under the sink food macerator

To fit an under sink food macerator to take the waste out it would most likely take on average 90-minute depending on how complicated the waste system is. To get an accurate quote, it is always best to take a picture and send it to the emergency plumber who may be fitting this for you.

Garbage Disposal Use and Maintenance:

Garbage disposals should not be the place where you dump grease. This is not the place to dump your excess fat or grease from frying meat.These items have a tendency to plug up the drain line and are sure to cause problems with the disposal. Simply collect the grease in a bowl or Ziploc baggie and dispose of it elsewhere.