Skillet frying pan

Classic 28cm Frying Pan

Generous size for big fry-ups. Rivete rubberised handle for firm grip. Stainless steel base works with any hob. Oven safe up to 180°C. Dishwasher safe non-stick

Lighter, Yet Versatile: Carbon Steel Skillets

Skillets made of carbon steel, a.k.a. black steel, have a few characteristics that are appealing to both the home cook and the professional.

Lodge Griddle Pan Round * 26cm


Lodge Griddle Pan Square 26cm


De Buyer Mineral B Round Grill Pan 26cm*


Lodge Reversible Griddle 2cm


Lodge Reversible Griddle 51x27cm


Staub Rectangular Griddle Pan with Silicone Handle *

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Premium wok and non-stick frying pan at low price

Cathays, Cardiff The white wok is £and the red non-stick frying pan is £10. Both have been used for a year. My phone no.: 07397906900(also on WhatsApp)

10. Rust is very, very bad.

Druckman says: “What you’re trying to avoid at all times is rust. So always dry your pan off thoroughly. And , acid is actually fine in small amounts. But if you’re cooking something wet (like apple pie or a frittata), take it out of the skillet or serve it right away.”