Slim wine coolers

Climadiff free-standing wine cooler – VSV12F (W: 3x H: 5x D: cm)

Small, black wine cooler with a modern look from french Climadiff.Perfect for storage on the kitchen counter! This wine cooler has space for bottles.

mQuvée – Modern series

Show off your wines with a trendy wine cooler from mQuvée! The door has a combined finish in both black and stainless steel for a stylish match in the modern kitchen. Choose between a stand-alone, integrated or even a built-in unit, according to your requirements.

The wine coolers are silent, come with wooden shelves, and have a carbon filter to keep unpleasant odours away from your wines.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews – Modern Bottle Chillers For Kitchens

Regardless of whether referred to as freestanding wine coolers, wine fridges or simply wine bottle refrigerators, you can expect functional styles to suit your way of living, such as chillers which are perfect underneath the counter top.

Shopping Guide for Best Wine Coolers

During our investigation, we examined almost 0different ways to control the temperature of a bottle of wine, from clever gadgets that will rapidly chill a single bottle to substantial, built-in cabinets.

Buyer’s guide to wine coolers

Welcome to the Crowdstorm guide to wine coolers. While on the whole we prefer drinking wine to cooling it, we recognise the importance of keeping our favourite tipple at the right temperature.