Slimline fridges uk

Slimline Refrigeration for Small Kitchens

Responding to the demand for ever-decreasing kitchen space, Williams has developed a range of slim line products that, while compact in size, are big in performance.

Slimline Deli Serve Over Counter Chiller

Aberdeen Zoin Hill Shelf Slimline Deli Serve Over Counter Chiller White 1000-3000mmPerfect for smaller sandwich shops,cafes and takeaways.The counter includes a granite work surface which can be used to prep wraps or sandwiches in front of the customer.

FreshPlus Fridge Freezers

We bring the freshness,

Great taste starts with the ingredients you use. To enjoy the greatest tasting meals you need the freshest produce to start with. FreshPlus fridge freezers have the technology to keep your food flavoursome for longer, wherever you place it.

Which is the best type of fridge or fridge freezer to buy

Whether you prefer a combined fridge freezer, or two separate large appliances, make sure you know exactly what to look for with our fridge and freezer buying guide.

slimline fridge

Stockton-on-TeesBrand new only used for 2fridge freezer was fitted into long kitchen cupboar but can stand alone. Details:monthsSee also: