Slo cookers

L Compact Deep Fat Chip Fryer

Handy little chip fryer that holds litres of oil and 350g chips. Easy to use, with a viewing window in the lid. Great for onion rings too. Cool-touch handle and stainless steel casing

slow cookers (large small) £the pair or ££5

Cookstown, County Tyrone Both are Tower brand and are in perfect working order. Clean and unmarke inside and out.Larger model:Family meals conveniently cooked while you are out. Could serve to 8.Smaller model:For the busy singleton or student this would be a pe

Stoneware Slow Cooker litre

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear Selling our slow cooker as we are leaving the UK and moving home.Excellent condition, rarely used.Create nutritious, delicious and warming meals, without the fuss, for your family with the help of the Crock-Pot l in Red.The clever app

Andrew James Black Red Slow Cookers

Make delicious slow cooked meals such as stews, curries, soups and broths with a minimum of fuss using the Andrew James Slow Cooker. Simply place the ingredients in the cooker, select the desired setting and leave it unattended to produce delicious meals while you get on with your daily routine. Cooking with a slow cooker will produce economical and delicious homemade dishes as it tenderises cheaper cuts of meat.

Match this slow cooker to your kitchen with the red or black finish options.

Club House: Slow Cookers

McCormick’s Club House Slow Cooker seasonings are perfect for busy Moms who want to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with family. When they launched the products, they came to Spider with the challenge of reaching these mothers and showing them how simple and time-efficient it could be to make dinners that their families would fall in love with. McCormick was also looking to drive trial, as they were certain that once moms tried the recipes, they and their families would buy the seasonings again for the delicious flavour and convenience.