Small coffee maker

Get Some Decent Coffee!

Therefore buying some decent coffee is the most important task. The bean and type of roast is purely down to your taste and part of the joy is experimenting, but the more effort you put into sourcing a freshly roasted and ground coffee, the more you will get out flavour wise. Traditionally espressos use a dark roast so that would be a good place to start if you are unsure.

4th Pick: BUNN NHS Velocity Brew Home Coffee Brewer

For the drip coffee lovers, who want something convenient and fast, then the NHS velocity brew should find a space on your countertop. Powered by velocity brew technology, it combines BUNN’s trust and modern design, to create one of the best in drip coffee makers.

All Coffee Machines for Sale, Rental and Lease

As one of the largest coffee machine suppliers in the worl Tchibo is committed to helping you choose the best commercial coffee machine for your business. So, whether you’re looking for coffee machines for catering, coffee machines for cafes, coffee machines for offices/meeting rooms, coffee machines for convenience stores or an industrial coffee machine that can meet high demands. We have the best deals for coffee machines to suit every business and exclusivity to partner Carimali in the UK.

Need Help Choosing a Coffee Machine?

Whether you prefer a latte, espresso or anything in between, finding the perfect coffee machine to suit your taste can be quite daunting but Harvey Norman can help you make sense of it all.

What does water under pressure message mean?

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