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The Porlex Mini Hand Grinder Review

There is nothing quite as wonderful as having a kick-ass coffee maker set up (besides actually drinking kick-ass coffee), but what is one to do when traveling? Find a local coffee shop happy to overcharge you for a cup? What about when you go camping?

Hario Mini Slim Coffee Mill Review

The first thing that you will notice about the Hario Mini Slim Coffee Mill is that it is really small, or shall we say compact?This might seem a tad obvious for something that has the word ‘mini’ in it, but there, we said it.

Bosch GWS1Angle Grinder Only

High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire Bosch GWS1Angle Grinder OnlyThis is a great Bosch Angle Grinder in used condition with there being major signs of wear due to previous use with marks/scratches throughout its body but no damage tat affects its functionality.(please see pi

Bosch – Small Angle Grinders 500W-1900W

Small Angle Grinders 500W-1900W

The small angle grinders are powerful, handy tools from Bosch for working on metal – the restart protection and KickBack Control ensure safety.

The Verdict: Coffee grinders

Taking all into account you can’t beat the model from Sage. The super slick LCD interface and gorgeously modern appearance are supplemented by the vast choice of settings, which puts this grinder head and shoulders above its rivals, with an aromatic arabica in hand.