Smock frock

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English-Hungarian translation for smock-frock

smock-frock HU
köpeny munkaruha munkaköpeny All translations examples Similar Translations for smock-frock Translations Examples {noun} köpeny munkaruha munkaköpeny
smock English
smidgensmilesmile from ear to earsmilingsmirksmithereenssmithing coalsmithysmithy coalsmocksmock-frocksmock-frocksmokesmoke abatementsmoke ballsmoke bandsmoke barragesmoke catsmoke jumpersmoke missionsmoke proof

ESD smock-frock; white/blue

Material PES + RezistantDesign codeESDC4040WeavetypetwillAntistatic grid pattern5x5mmCompany logoembroideredor printedSizeS – 4XL

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Meaning of Galvanometer

Galvanometer means: An instrument or apparatus for measuring theintensity of an electric current, usually by the deflection of amagnetic needle.

Uitgebreide vertaling voor smock-frock (Engels) in het Nederlands

dekiel; dehes; loshangend kort overkleed
kiel zelfstandig naamwoord
hes zelfstandig naamwoord
loshangend kort overkleed zelfstandig naamwoord