Smoothie cups

Features of the Best Smoothie Cups

Of the cups featured on our list, only the Tritan Nutri Ninja cup is single walled because it is made to work specifically with the Ninja blender systems, attaching directly to the bladed component for mixing. Single walled cups are made for drinks that are intended for consumption fairly quickly, as they do not maintain thermal control.

Make Ahead Smoothie Cups (Recipes!)

July 1 2017These make ahead smoothie cups can be prepped and frozen in advance,allowing you to throw together healthy smoothies in seconds!

Best Smoothie Containers

July 3 2016/Health Nutrition/ByThrivaHolicThe popularity of the smoothie continues to grow as more of us place a serious focus on our health, whilst looking for convenience too. Whether you enjoy your smoothie as part of a balanced breakfast or like a little something to get you energized for a big workout, you’ll need to have a trusty smoothie container to hold your drink.

Spare Cup for Smoothie On The Move

Letting you make more delicious smoothies to take with you out of the door in the morning, this Spare Cup for the Smoothie On The Move Personal Blender is ideal for giving your day a fruity boost.

ActivatedBreakfast Bowls

Start your mornings right with our delicious new Activated Breakfast Bowls, featuring six protein-rich Overnight Oats and Chia Parfaits. Soak overnight to supercharge the superfoods and wake up to fuss-free nutrition.