Solid fuel

Hobby and amateur rocketry

Solid propellant rocket motors can be bought for use in model rocketry; they are normally small cylinders of black powder fuel with an integral nozzle and sometimes a small charge that is set off when the propellant is exhausted after a time delay. This charge can be used to trigger a camera, or deploy a parachute. Without this charge and delay, the motor may ignite a second stage (black powder only).

OFTEC launches solid fuel registration service

Apr 2010:AMOFTEC has further extended its range of competent person registration services to include solid fuel appliances, following Government approval by the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) Building Regulations.

Solid fuel heating and servicing

Solid fuel repairs and annual servicing

Sure Maintenance Limited has been awarded the Solid Fuel repairs and annual servicing contract which they will deliver on the Council’s behalf.

North Korea tests solid-fuel rocket engine, says state media

Technology for longer-range missiles is latest in a string of claimed but unverified advances towards building a nuclear weapon that could threaten US

Alternative and Solid Fuels

Alternative fuels are resources which can be used in the same manner as more traditional fuels, i.e. coal and oil; the combustion of alternative solid fuels generates energy and heat.