Space maker

We enable new consumer facing services for logistics operators

SpaceMaker can help logistics operators take a quantum leap to the future, enabling these companies to offer services helping the daily life of consumers and small companies. For them, SpaceMaker software brings their stored stuff at their fingertips, letting them see what they have stored anywhere, anytime.

Spacemaker Pro System

The Spacemaker Pro device is our next generation, all-in-one access and dissector system for inguinal and abdominal wall repair. The system is optimized for access, dissection and efficiency.†

Self Storage in Bournemouth

This store was previously Space Maker and was acquired by Safestore self storage in the summer of 2016. The store is conveniently located on Heatherbank Road opposite Westbourne Library. This centre, which used to provide storage for Harvey Nicholls in the 1930s, is now a safe place for storing your things, for however long you require.

SpaceMaker Electronic Cables

Belden presents tough electronic cables with smaller diameter and more flexible design

Belden’s SpaceMaker series of electronic cables delivers expected toughness, but with a smaller diameter and more flexible design. Let the compact design of SpaceMaker cables provide a space-saving solution when space is at a premium.

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