Stand alone kitchen

John Willies – Freestanding Kitchens

Our extensive range of freestanding kitchen units are handmade with solid wood throughout and can be made any size to suit your kitchen. These fantastic units can be made in either Shaker or Fluted Bead Style and they can be purchased either unfinished (for you to finish), stained and lacquered or hand painted in any Farrow Ball colour. We do not use chipboar MDF, plywood or veneer in these traditionally constructed beautifully finished kitchen cabinets and units.

Cokin Z Pro Series filter set

Hamble, Hampshire Cokin Z Pro Series filter set with holder and filters:- Z.121L ND2 Z.121M ND4 Z.1ND4 Z.121S ND8 Brand new never used. Can post at additional cost – signed for only but prefer collection.

Multi-Search DeckBuilder

What is DeckBuilder? This tool is useful for anyone trying either to fill a decklist, or fill a wishlist. Simply paste your list into DeckBuilder, and it will do a custom search, displaying all the inventory . This powerful feature is guaranteed to save you time and effort — just another way to make your job easier!

Choosing a Top Rated Stand Mixer for Your Kitchen

A stand mixer can easily be one of the most exciting purchases you ever make for your kitchen, especially if you bake a lot. Since this is such an investment piece, most people really want to make sure they have the space, money, and need for such a machine before taking the plunge.