Statement wall

Statement Wall Coverings

From hand painted wallpaper to bespoke textural installations, New York Design Center showrooms carry a vast array of innovative wall coverings. Adding pattern, texture, or color to a wall can instantly change a room. Perfect for powder rooms or eye-catching accent walls, these wall coverings are true works of art.

Tiny Statement Wall for a Big Girl Room

This is part of our Tiny House, Tiny Bloggers series, in which we turn over Plaster Disaster to some VERY tiny bloggers to tell their own story of transforming an ugly, old (doll)house into a fresh and modern (doll)home. Follow it from the beginning here.

Statement on Waiver of Environmental Regulations for Border Wall

Washington, DC – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) today announced a waiver allowing it to disregard environmental laws and regulations that would have otherwise affected plans to build and upgrade border wall segments near San Diego.

GDR border guard Reinhold Huhn is shot

Ten months after the Wall goes up, the death strip winds through the city, cutting Berlin in half. West Berlin is sealed off. Windows have been bricked up, people separated by barbed wire, roads blocked by tank traps. Families have been torn apart.Escape helper Rudolf Müller has dug his way under the Wall from the West. However, GDR border guards discover the escape tunnel and one of them is shot and kille sparking a propaganda war.

The dead man, Reinhold Huhn, becomes a martyr and streets and schools are named after him.