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MPU (Desktop Tablet)

The display also walks you through the various accessories, telling you which type of shelf to use in which position. We cooked a huge (815g) jacket potato using the Panasonic’s auto sensor program. These programmes don’t require you to set a cooking time, power or weight, instead the microwave senses when cooking is complete.

Healthy cooking made easy

With Siemens combi-steam ovens and steamers you can cook gently and naturally. Cooking with hot steam lets foods retain their flavours, vitamins and minerals, and appearance.

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EU data sheetEU energy labelProduct specification sheetHere you can find all the NEFF documents relating to this product, including the EU energy label, EU data sheet, instalation instructions and instruction manual.

Microwaves Combi-Ovens Buying Guide

Microwaves are super convenient, energy efficient, and they make meal times faster (and more fun). But it’s not just about the humble countertop models anymore –combi-ovens are hitting the market: giving people the option to opt for a kitchen microwave that offers them much more than just a simple microwave for heating up food. These appliances can include a convection oven, an electric grill, a steam oven, and a microwave all in one!

Daewoo Halogen Oven with 17L Capacity

RRP £5 Only £2

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