Stone baked pizza oven

Welcome To The Stone Bake Oven Company.

We hand craft a range of authentic wood-fired ovens for indoor and outdoor use. Browse our site to view our oven range, our latest stone bake recipes, events, news and more.

Build Your Own Oven Kits

Our ‘Build Your Own’ oven kits are perfect for those looking to fully customise their installation and keep the build in fitting with the aesthetics of your home or garden. Our build manuals make the process simple and straightforward!

Wood Fired Garlic Bread

There must be a thousand ways to make garlic bread- but this is one of the best! Particularly if you have a couple of extra homemade loaves left knocking about.

Pizza Ovens in Catering

Pizza is a firm favourite with most people, and the range of styles and toppings available show just how much we love to create our own pizzas. The pizza oven itself is crucial to achieve the right style of cooking, to finish with a crunchy base with gooey toppings.

The Lion Pizza Oven, Derbyshire

The perfect pizza can be hard to find and must be the right combination of crispy base, chewy crust, rich tomato sauce and delicious toppings. Here at The Lion Hotel in Derbyshire, we’ve recently opened our very own stone baked pizza oven which we think serves the yummiest pizza for miles around! We have highly skilled pizza chefs who produce our pizzas days a week, and its already become a popular feature of our restaurant.