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Welcome to ADS Curved Stove Spares.

Welcome to our site dedicated to curved stove glass for wood burning and multi-fuel stoves. We have one of the largest catalogues of stove glass and accessories available to purchase immediately online. We have a dedicated online store ADS Stove Spares for all makes and models of stove.

Get your stove glass cut to the exact size

At Donegal Glass we can provide you with replacement glass for any make of stove. Simply provide us with the measurements and we will supply your replacement.

Genuine Stove Cooker Spares

Our dedicated stove and cooker spares warehouse is brimming with over 0first line parts for all the leading stove and cooker manufacturers such as Aarrow, Franco Belge and Stovax for example, with many additional lines available to order. So, if you need a Stove glass, Grate, Baffle, Ashpan, Firebricks or any other part for your stove or cooker, browse through our extensive online catalogue, and order today. We ship across the UK and to many European destinations, delivering direct to your home, or place of work.

Where to get Gas Cookers Online?

Gas cooktops make for versatile kitchen layouts, by opting for them gives you room for other kitchen appliances.This sleek appliance will make it easy and convenient for you to cook and prepare meals at home, restaurants, hotels and other places. They come in different sizes and designs that allows you to cook different kinds of food at a time. The gas cooktops online at Jumia are from top brands like Maxi, Nexus, Fomak, Chigo, Hot Point, New Gain, Zubeda and more.

You will get great value for your money when you buy them from Jumia. The primary source of fuel for these cookers is natural gas. The fuel burns efficiently without leaving any black soot, this will ensure your cooking utensils and kitchen remain clean and sparkling.