Temperature probe food

Digital Thermometers With Probe – Quick And Precise Measurements

Our food temperature probes are a prompt, sanitary strategy of guaranteeing meat is properly cooked throughout. They assess the centre heat reading of food for better hygiene. Utilising a digital cooking thermometer is a confident means to evidence your food is genuinely cooked.

An LCD on the meat thermometer informs and assures the correct temperature.

Food Temperature Probe

Designed for use with the Smartfire BBQ Controller, this Food Probe accessory is spiked and curved to easily insert and remove from food. A key feature is they are waterproof so they work well in the humid environment of BBQ smokers!

Food temperature probe app: TempChecker

A food temperature probe is a specialized tool designed to measure accurately the temperature at which food is stored and cooked. Our TempChecker app interfaces with a food temperature probe and interprets the data it collects, displaying and saving these figures in a user-friendly, fully configurable way.

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Test Your New Thermometer

The code you just wrote requires the temperature to get well over the point where it would be difficult to test without actually cooking a steak. For now, though, it will be easier to lower this temperature to something that can be tested at your desk.