The kettle

Why you should never boil the kettle more thanonce

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The kettle beeps. What’s wrong?

The kettle beeps once.The water has reached the set temperature The kettle beeps twice. The kettle may have switched off at the end of the keep-warm period (minutes) The kettle may also have switched off because there is too little water in it. Always fill the kettle with at least liters of water.

Support the Kettle Club

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5. Tea and heart disease

A Cochrane review evaluated randomised controlled trials that ran for at least three months and were aimed at preventing heart disease in healthy adults or those at high risk of heart disease.

Put the kettle on: ways to cook with tea

PreviousNextShow GridPreviousNextHide GridVideoAudio Whether you Earl Grey all the way, keep calm with a herbal or feel a little nice with fruit and spice, tea goes beyond the humble cup in these tea-riffic dishes.ByFarah Celjo