Thin pastry sheets

Caramel Apple Turnover with Filo Pastry

Caramel Apple Turnovers with Filo Pastry are a delicious fall breakfast. These turnovers are crispier than traditional apple turnovers made with puff pastry. Baking these will also fill your house with the scent of apples, cinnamon and spice! 

Two twists on traditional pastry recipes from northern Cyprus

Turkish-Cypriot culture embraces communal baking and often revolves around bread and pastry. These sweet sütlü börek and savoury pilavuna recipes draw on that tradition, with our resident cook adding a few twists of her own.

Dec Pies the Greek way

Posted at 21:04hin Foo Gastronomy, Greece, Greek Wines, Kefalonia, TravellingbyThe Greek Wine ExperienceGreeks love their pies; you can find them in all sort of shapes, salty or sweet, traditional or not, with thin pastry phyllo-sheets or crumbly, richer and thicker ones. Greek pies are a culinary masterpiece that have a large variety of scrumptious combinations! They express the Greek spirit by using simple ingredients.

They are excellent as a side dish for an elegant dinner or even as a simple snack at work!

Jambalaya Stuffed Pastry With a Crawfish Sherry Cream Sauce

Stuffed with jambalaya and topped with a crawfish sherry cream sauce, this unique take on a pastry dish is just delicious. Enjoy!

Filo Pastry Apple Pie Recipe

This Homemade Easy Apple Pie, made with filo pastry is not only simple and quick to make but a great low fat alternative to the classic apple pie. A sure crowd pleaser!