Tool sharpening service

Do you have a hide-away box of worn or damaged tools under a bench?

Most likely we will be able to restore them to a good-as-new condition. Send us your tools now and we will email or fax you a detailed quotation listing the regrinding and sharpening needed to restore them.

Professional sharpening services

To celebrate CRUFTS 20we are offering a special discount (excluding postage) if you send items or more in one package for sharpening. Please use discount code CTYwhen ordering and make sure you send us your order in before June 2016.

The Sharpening Company are specialists in Clipper blade, scissor, knife and other tool sharpening. Mobile service to the region, postal service to UK and EU.

Saw Blade Sharpening Tool Service

At The Saw Centre we pride ourselves on the regrinding of a vast range of tools and blades. Over the years we have invested heavily in state of the art CNC saw blade regrinding machinery for the sharpening of TCT circular saw blades and HSS circular saw blades. We have recently added a new knife grinder with a 3m capacity for the grinding of planer blades and guillotines, pelletizers and chipper knives.

Cambridge Mobile Garden Tool Sharpening, Shears, Mower Blades

Our highly skilled Mobile Sharpening Technicians offer services for Gardening tools like Lawn Mower Blades, Secateurs and Garden Shears.

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