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Toothy Toothbrush Timer

By Steve Hoefer Print this Project
Children and adults alike sometimes need help maintaining good toothbrushing habits. Experts suggest you brush for two minutes twice a day, but most people don’t come close to that. The Toothy Toothbrush Timer will help you get those recommended 1seconds each time you brush. When the toothbrush is lifted from the holder, the teeth start chomping and continue cheering you on until your time is up.

When the teeth finally come to a stop, just replace the toothbrush to turn it off.

Angry Birds Firefly Ready Go Light Up Timer Toothbrush

Fun, flashing traffic signal design encourages children to brush for the recommended minutes which help to form healthy brushing habits Angry Birds themed Firefly flashing sculpted handled toothbrush with soft bristles and a suction cup bottom Flashes for seconds and turns off automatically signaling children to stop brushing the top row of teeth and begin brushing the bottom row Batteries included last the life of the toothbrush and cannot be replaced Previous ProductNext ProductAbout Firefly For Dental Professionals Media Copyright 20Dr. Fresh, LLC. All rights reserved.

Common functions to look for

Electric toothbrushes seem to have enough technology these days to rival the iPhone and it’s easy to see it as a marketing gimmick or just totally unnecessary. But most of the functions are actually really useful. Here’s a round up of what’s common and what is really helpful;

2) Mechanism of Action

The Oral-B Pro 25Electric Toothbrush uses a 3D oscillating rotating action. This coupled with the small headed cross action brush which comes as standard with this toothbrush means that it is very easy to clean all surfaces of your teeth well. As standard the Oral-B Pro 25comes with a Cross Action Brush Head.

This in my view is the best brush head Oral-B make.