Tunning fork

Solfeggio Tuning Forks

The forks are designed to replicate the original Solfeggio frequencies. With your own set of forks you can tune up and energize your body and surroundings. You can also become a sound therapist and help other people enhance and balance their energy levels.

Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Human beings have been using sound as a healing tool since time immemorial. Sound Healing as we know it today is the natural evolution of this sacred relationship, enriched by our ever growing understanding and technological advancement. Tuning Forks well represent this technological aid.

Tuning fork of metal detection

From WurmpediaJump to:navigation,searchThis silver tuning fork can be used one time to calculate the max qualitylevel and amount of ore left in an ore deposit.

Resonant tuning fork detector for THz radiation

Ulrike Willer, Andreas Pohlk├╝tter, Wolfgang Schade, Jihua Xu, Tonia Losco, Richard P. Green, Alessandro Tredicucci, Harvey E. Beere, and David A. Ritchie

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