Types of aprons

Uses for Around-the-Waist Aprons

Aprons are the best way to protect clothing from being damaged during different tasks. There are many different types of aprons to choose from depending on the intended use and there are pros and cons to each type. Here is a listing of the various types of aprons available.

Server Aprons and Waist Aprons

Unlike the other apron types presented so far, these half aprons do not provide upper body coverage. Their shorter length, however, does provide the most comfort as servers are walking throughout your facility. Most include pockets so your waitstaff is able to have pens, guest checks, and beverage straws close at hand.

The Right Apron For The Job

Aprons are essential work wear for many trades. From cleaners to chefs, and waitresses to nurses, aprons are certainly a lot more versatile than they used to be.

United States Aprons

Aprons were worn by some Native American women and men, for both practical and ceremonial reasons. Through the centuries, colonial immigrants and their descendants have worn functional aprons for work, while decorative aprons have fallen in and out of fashion.