Types of beer glasses

Craft Beer Glass Type and Style Guide

Finding the correct types of beer glasses for your craft beer can be a chore. Check out this guide from Craft Beer Ware on beer glass styles to make your choice easy.


From books, open books for an open worldJump to:navigation,searchGlasses are used to serve drinks in. Below are outlined some of the different glass styles you may see.

Go Small (And Have Cupcakes in the Backcountry)

Simply reducing the size of the cooking vessel makes it much easier to bake all the way through without burning the edges. Boehrer often packs single-serving silicone cupcake moldseven into the backcountry. Tiny cakes bake faster, and the molds are squishable and add only a modest amount of weight.

Pouring Beer – How to Properly Pour Beer in a Glass Video

Think you can pour your favorite cold one in any old glass? Think again. Watch as a seasoned pro shows you the proper way to pour various beers.

Stange (Slender Cylinder)

A traditional German glass, stange means stick and these tall, slender cylinders are used to serve more delicate beers, amplifying malt and hop nuances. Substitute with a Tom Collins glass.