Vegetable blender

Guide to Using a Blender in Making Green Smoothies

You can have the flashiest blender around. But if you do not know how to use it, it will not make any difference at all. You will still be able to make smoothies, but they will probably not be the best as you will be missing other important techniques. Additionally, improper use of the blender might spell its early death. That is why it is always advisable to read the user guide carefully the first time you get your new machine.

Using a blender to make green smoothies is very easy. You do not even need to have a degree in cooking or years of experience working in the kitchen. This guide will show you how easy it is.

To Juice or to Blend – What’s the Difference?

Blenders and juicers are two very different beasts, with two quite different purposes. Yes, they both process tasty fruit and veggies into a delicious, nutritious drink but the way they do it, and the end result, is not the same at all.

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Finally… A blender to rival Vitamix for half the price. This can make nut butters, ice cream, soups and smoothies and has a number of different features.

Jug blender pros and cons

The classic blender has long been a kitchen staple. Good blenders will whip up a lovely smoothie in seconds, and can also be used for soups, sauces, and things such as homemade mayo.